B.Beauty Face Serum Vitamin E A C 30ml


B.Beauty Face Serum Vitamin E A C 30ml

A lightweight feel with heavyweight results, our face serum is a rich blend of vitamins and antioxidants, including ferulic acid, hyaluronic acid, and nano CBD, promoting luminous, smooth to the touch, skin.


Ãrgan oil Vitamin e 

Vitamin c 

Ferulic acid 

Hyaluronic acid 


100mg Hemp derived extract

B.Beauty SAVED my skin from the permanent damages I was headed toward with the aftermath of a skin parasite known as Scabies! After taking all the medications required to kill those little invasive buggers ... my skin was left life-less, dull, severely dehydrated and constantly itchy! I tired every OTC product I could find to no avail. A dear friend who knew of my plight sent me four of the B.Beauty products and told me to use ALL of them in conjunction with each other for all the different skin issues from head to toe. The Face Serum was the first layer (all over, not just my face), followed by a good slathering of the Body Butter ... morning, noon and night. Within weeks my skin was starting to look like skin again —- the dry flakey patches where the skin debris of the dead parasites where growing out and surfacing through my skin — like a nasty painful white head - felt calmer, less itchy, moisturized and not so red and angry. I had a bunch of hot spots and started to carry the Cooling Salve with me wherever I went. A spot of the Cooling Salve covered with a bandage kept the power of the natural plant extracts sealed and working its magic — reducing the painful inflammation and providing the skin with nutrients to promote healing. A big bonus is it actually cooled the heat and calmed my skin within minutes. Finally — the Lip Butter is so refined I applied it well beyond my lips ... I have skin debris coming out on my cheeks, chin, forehead, ears and —- horribly — in the extremely tender skin under my eyes. Think of a black head but hard matter that poked out of the skin. I could put dabs all over to calm them down and take the pain away —- even on a few of those pesky monthly pimples. Plus it blended well with my concealer!!!

My skin overall finally felt hydrated and less irritated. Based on my excruciating skin experience that I would not wish on anyone, B.Beauty has been one of the most powerful healing agents I ever have found. Individual results may vary.
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