B.Beauty Body Butter Vegan Hemp Infused

Packed With Anti-Aging And anti-inflammatory Benefits

Our body butter are designed with your biggest skincare concerns in mind, so they won’t trigger psoriasis or eczema and you’re left with radiant, younger-looking skin.


We Only Make Our Body Butter With Incredible Ingredients:

Shea butter

Shea butter

Moisturizes itchy or dry skin, restores elasticity, reduces irritation, and the appearance of stretch marks and blemishes.


Coconut Oil

Reduces inflammation and protects your skin from bacteria while giving it that soft, smooth appearance you love.


Jojoba has been touted for helping with collagen creation, controlling skin's natural oil, and keeping it moisturized, naturally of course.

Vitamin E

Typically used to reduce the aging effects of sun damage, Vitamin E is a vital antioxidant for your skincare routine.

Sunflower oil

Perfect for evening skin's natural tone and unclogging pores.



Reduce the appearance of acne, wrinkles, and other signs of aging while soothing your skin.

Vegan wax

Our body butter is formulated with vegan wax to thicken it while nourishing your skin.

500mg CBD (Cannabidiol)

500mg CBD (Cannabidiol)

Hello! Let me start by saying I’d never post about a product that I didn’t use or benefit from. Or the nonsense detoxes, teas, waist trainers, etc. I know that natural plant extract products are flooding the market and there’s even MLMs but they’re not all the same. Quite some time ago, my colleague decided to explore the world of natural plant extracts. So I got to firsthand watch all the hard work, the R&D, the sending back of inferior products, the reworking until the products were absolutely perfect. I know the benefits of natural plant extracts, especially being someone who regularly punishes her body. Lol. So I was stoked to try these. My favorite by far is the salve. Please know that tin doesn’t come distressed, that’s because I keep this in my gym bag. I need the teeniest amount, slap some on whatever is hurting and I carry on with zero pain. It’s pretty instant and pretty powerful. Not even a strong scent. I love the other products as well. The lip butter is fantastic, not heavy at all. The body butter is also nice and light but very hydrating. And the face serum? I have very sensitive skin so I was wary of trying this but it’s perfect. Individual results may vary.
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